Confessional Lutherans in LCC?

We are pastors and congregations of Lutheran Church-Canada who by signing the Synodical Constitution pledged ourselves before Jesus Christ and our fellow members of the Synod to teach and practice in full agreement with the Holy Scriptures and the Lutheran Confessions. We are those whose altar fellowship is only with catechized Lutherans “who know what the Lord's Supper is and why they come,” whose pulpits are open only to rightly called Ministers of Christ whose teaching conforms to the same doctrinal standard, who will not recreate the blessed ordinances of God's grace according to our own schemes and so blaspheme Christ, who have not embraced a sectarian theology of glory, who still preach the Law of God primarily to uncover sin and to call to repentance and for whom the Gospel is nothing other than Holy Absolution for the sake of the suffering, death and resurrection of the Son of God, who are not enamoured of the world's song or even of what often passes for hymnody among those who teach error, who would preserve the spirit of the conservative Reformation also in our retaining of the historic liturgies and the Lutheran chorale as the premier expression of the Evangelical Faith in song. We are those who are not afraid to be identified as Evangelical Lutherans by our preoccupation with the Lord Jesus Christ's coming to us in the preaching of the Gospel and his holy Sacraments, and whose demeanour in the LORD's presence is one of humble awe and reverence, and who still believe that God brings about the growth of His Kingdom on earth by his means and not ours.

We are not innovators, for we are not holy or righteous in ourselves and so have no reason to claim that our fleshly methods will build God's Church. We are rather those who by God's grace in Christ would stand on the shoulders of the apostles and the blessed saints of old and in respect to them maintain a confession and piety they would recognize, so that we may be rightly called catholic in both teaching and practice. We are those who know what Lutheran is, and what it is not. Therefore, we call upon every member of the Lutheran Church-Canada to be faithful to their pledge to do likewise, or else to admit that their pledge of membership in LCC is a lie, for we will not abide the fiction of confessional faithfulness where the Lutheran Church is not to be found. Of course, to be Lutheran in this age is truly to bear the cross of Christ. We are willing, God help us!